Where it all began…

I have always loved going to events and being in amongst the atmosphere, so when I discovered you could study Events Management at University I knew it was the right thing to do.

After 3 wonderful years at University in Plymouth, and a years placement at a hotel in Newbury I was ready to face the real world of Events. However, living in Wiltshire there aren’t too many big event companies in this area.

Even though I managed to find a job within the Events field after University, something was missing. For me, the reason I love organising Events is the positivity and happiness that comes from the customer after they had had the best day/night with their friends and family. So I got another job in a local hotel, doing more personal events and I loved it! Seeing how great the customer felt after their event made it all worth while. However,  I realised I wanted to be in amongst the events once again, and this time as my own boss.

Whilst at a local festival me and my family noticed a similar horse box bar to The Bubble Bar and wondered what it would be like to do it for ourselves. And thats how it all started. There was no going back.

We purchased the pink wagon back in October 2016 and have been converting it since.

Megan x

Handing my Dissertation in!


Graduating in 2015!
At a local festival in 2016!

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